What are breeze witnesses and their role?

What are breeze witnesses and their role?


A witness is the person who runs node (server) for blockchain to produce new blocks. Like every blockchain, breeze has witnesses for block production.

Breeze witnesses are elected by community members (TipMeACoffee users). As compared to other blockchains, breeze does not require staking of tokens for witness upvoting. Any user having TMAC tokens can upvote for witnesses. Witnesses ranking and upvoting is available on tipmeacoffee.com.

Role of witnesses in breeze blockchain is just to run nodes and produce blocks. Breeze blockchain is run under a DAO system so witnesses have no role in governance.

Top elected witnesses get rewarded for producing blocks as 11% of reward pool goes to witnesses. Currently 5 witnesses are elected as block producers and this ranking of witnesses updates in real time. 1% goes to current block producers and 1% equally to last 10 block producers. In future, as blockchain scales, the number of block producers will increase.