How to withdraw TMAC tokens?

How to withdraw TMAC tokens?


TMAC is the native token of breeze blockchain. A user can materialize its value by withdrawing TMAC token to other blockchains like BSC (Binance Smart Chain) as wrapped BEP20 token. Breeze has plans to offer withdrawal to multiple blockchains in future.

Currently TMAC withdrawal is available to BSC as TMAC is listed on

To withdraw tokens, simply go to your wallet on, select withdraw option, enter amount (minimum 1 token) and give your BSC address. In couple of minutes, you get your TMAC tokens in your wallet like MetaMask.

TMAC token address on BSC chain (0x6421282c7f14670d738f4651311c5a1286e46484)

1% chain transaction fee is applied on TMAC withdrawal.